Monday, July 7, 2008


So I was really happy to report that I was about 80% better, ha, that was stupid and premature. Ever since I thought things had gotten better they have remained the same or are slightly worse. I have a lump in my leg, and not the kind in my head, but something hard and painful. I think I better get this checked out. My reluctance is that the last time I saw a doctor it was for shooting chest pains that intermittently radiated from my heart Their answer to my little problem was to try some heart burn meds, yeah great advice. Needless to say I didn't fill that scrip because I knew it wasn't the problem, so I am reluctant to get the same advice I could probably give my self, give it some time and see if it gets better or worse. I am still going to try to hit the 12 of Blue Mounds this weekend, but we shall see.


Unknown said...

What better course than Blue Mound for a little R&R! Hope to see you out there.

Scott B.
Capital Off Road Pathfinders

Chris said...

I had a nasty lump/hemotoma on my quad after Sheboygan last year -- took months to go away, but didn't really slow me down ... Just some swelling, RICE it!

L5 Racing said...

Yeah, its a helluva course, I am betting I will be at the pool before the day is over. Lot better views down there anyway. If you guys have any say over the course please find me some trail without rock, maybe all ski trails this year.

Unknown said...


Actually our only restraints on setting the course are the we can not use the ski trail!

I'll do my best to remove the rocks for you....while marking the course last year we were scolded for "sanitizing" the trail by removing rocks...didn't you notice?


L5 Racing said...

Ha ha ha ha, are you serious? I thought the course was getting rougher. Maybe the rain will help bring some more rocks to the surface for us. See you guys, hopefully tomorrow, otherwise in October.