Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Just Riding and Paddling

Nothing exciting to report, just 4 days of 3 hour rides totaling a little over 2o0 miles. I spent the first 2 days pounding myself into the ground then the next 2 days as recovery. I am looking to find a second peak for what is shaping up to be a second season of racing. It feels great to be back riding again. God help me if I couldn't ride, I should rephrase that, god help everyone around me if I couldn't ride. Sorry I won't be at the 12 hour of Crystal this weekend. I will be racing once again in the Paddle and Portage event here in Madison. This is a canoe race that my buddy Aaron and I have been doing for a number of years, we continue to place on the podium, but the prize of winning still alludes us. We are bringing out a pair of carbon paddles this year in hopes of getting a little bit of an edge or at least keeping up with everyone else on the podium using carbon paddles.
More to come on this event.

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