Friday, June 6, 2008

Last Mohican Post

Just the final installment of pictures from the Mohican. The main street start
Want to play where is lee, just look behind Floyd then behind the guy in neon green. I did manage to catch back on with the leaders which was great for avoiding the 300 riders headed into the single track.

I found a picture of the guy who save my arss, I left my chain tool in my Ergon pack. Not thinking when the brain is starved for O2, but this guy was nice enough to drop me a tool so I could avoid a 6 mile walk. That is 1 of the many things I like about this kind of racing, nobody leaves anyone to die, everyone helps if they can cause they know that one day they are going to need the help. I was afraid I might miss him, but I waited at the end to make sure he got his tool back. Thanks again Fat Tire guy.


Scott Cole said...

Lee, I'm two helmets behind you in the red just before things got spread out on the prime hill. It was a great weekend even with the few issues and bad luck we both had. It took me a few days to get my bike polished and tuned again with all the mud caked on it. Talk to you soon. Scott

Johnny Stash said...

that's jake the snake kirkpatrick. all around great guy.

EXPO Racing said...

Jake is a bad a$$! I met him at 24-9 two years back. Killed the SS class he did. Prolly took like 10th overall.

Whore said it right.