Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Longest Yard

I'm not referring to the movie old or new, rather my ride yesterday, I got up early and was ready to tackle between 80-100 miles depending. I planned on riding in the neighborhood of 4-5.5 hours, but the neighborhood turned into a bombed out ghetto. The first hour started off great, then I turned south for an hour and that was it, I actually herd my will crack at the 2 hour mark. At one point I looked down and saw 400 watts with a speed of 11mph and this was on a dead flat pancake portion of road. I looked at my map to determine my option out plan and then started the 2 hour return trip home. Great tail wind for about 30 min. then it was back into the cross winds again. At the conclusion of this brain beater I had ridden 4 hours 10 min and had only gone 68 miles. I know its about time, watts, effort and not distance, but that thing still remains in the back of your head that says " I wanna see ots o miles damn it". So it was the hardest 15mph average road ride I can recall, but I fall down a lot so my memory isn't so good. This has been memoirs of suffering with lee.

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Unknown said...

I'm with you there. I'm dreaming of putting in a big one after I get back from my Achilles injury. Maybe its being on the sidelines thats driven my imagination into overdrive. The thing is I want to do all this off-road so should make for an interesting post