Saturday, April 19, 2008

Some commuter pics

I like to hit these before I get to the office......yeah right. This is a little mtb park I ride through on my morning commute to the clinic. I haven't seen anyone huck their bike off them yet, but I'm waiting in desperate anticipation.
Really steep rocky climb to the top, with a fast single track decent on the other side. This is a tough little mother that I do repeats on to make myself strong like Bull.
More Difficult to the Left and Most Difficult to the Right, always a perplexing decision. The Video I shot is from the trail to the right so obviously not to death defying.
Slick rock in Madison? This is the trail down the Expert section. Its not very pretty yet, but summer is a commin.
Love this little park, only a mile from home makes it the perfect place to tweak my gear before races.

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