Friday, April 4, 2008

Saris love

I just came back from a great 1.5 hour hill ride and on my way back into town I ran into a good friend that works over at Saris, we got to talking about my current need to haul 6 bikes to the DSG in Tennessee. I'm lucky enough to get the Friends and Family pricing through Saris, but he is going the extra mile to see what he can find for me that would be the best bang for the buck. I started thinking about all the Saris gear I have and decided, hey maybe I should give them a shout out even though they aren't an official sponsor. So here it is, the equipment you get from Saris is the best, I have their roof rack, truck bed racks, Power Tap, Fluid Trainer and am working on getting a Thelma, OK and a Power Tap for the MTB's. I have had zero problems with all of it including the Tap and I beat that thing, so if your on the fence about purchasing similar product from another company, well, forget about it. OK, that's my shout out to everyone over at Saris, thanks for all the help and great products.
Get with it and get power, great tool that keeps you on track all the time.
Fluid Trainer, Bomber and Quite.
Working on getting the 3 bike Thelma so I can haul myself and fellow hooligans to the races.

Ahhhhhh. the Power Tap with Disc, this has been a long time coming, as soon as I get a chance to try this out you will be the first to know, just don't tell my wife cause this little thing is pricey.

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