Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Blown Away

Just trying to pound myself into shape before the DSG. I have been spending the last couple days riding off road to avoid the 30mph winds that are ripping across most of the Midwest. For the first time while riding I actually felt like someone pulled and pushed me backwards as I was riding, the gusts are so strong it felt like someone had tied a rope to the back of my bike and just yanked it as hard as they could about every 30 seconds. In unrelated news of yesterday, I got my new helmet cam out for the first time to shoot some wicked fun, rock filled down hill sections. I will hopefully get a chance to post the video in a couple days, but work looks like it might prevent me from having a second to do that, that's a good thing for financial reasons, but a bad thing for blogging fun reasons. Headed back out and off road today as we are expecting more high winds. I've always dreamed of having someone drop me off about a 100 miles away on a day like this and riding with a tail wind home, but that requires someone willing to make a 200 mile round trip for my dumb ass so I am betting it will remain a distant dream, but I'm willing to pay for the gas if there are any takers.


Jeff Kerkove said...

Use the wind to get stronger.


Grizzly Adam said...

What camera?

Scott Cole said...

Get someone to drop you off in Point one weekend and I'll ride back to Madtown with you.