Monday, March 31, 2008

Mega Crazy Busy Sale

Endless rows of goods for all your biking needs. I sold a pile of ERGON grips and about 1/3 of the Planet Bike lights in stock and 1/2 of the super flashes in stock and there was a lot of merchandise in stock.
Got enough grips for everyone and their brother, these are the bins above the table with 2 more like it below. This shop know good grips.

The Demo bike, hard to see with the sun and flash but I had all Planet front and rear lights on it, creating a blinding bike Xmas tree. Got a lot of nice reviews on the bike, hopefully Williamson will bite on becoming a dealer, I guess I will have to wait at least a couple more weeks to find out if that's going to happen. I will be back down at the sale again next weekend so hopefully I can get rid of the remaining product by the end of the sale.

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