Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Ergon/Planet Rep

Its spring again or at least thats what the calendar says, this of course means its time for Williamson Bikes or Willy Bike's Mega Sale. The sale runs from March 27-April 6th. I will be there this Saturday from 12-5 repping for Ergon and Planet Bike. Willy Bikes is one of the largest retailers of both Ergon products and Planet Bike Accessories so I thought it smart to be there showing some love for my sponsors. I went to Planet yesterday to pick up some goodies some of which is not even available yet.
Pictured in White the Spok Led Micro Light, you can put it anywhere and it rotates. You can see it on my hubs in pictures below. Available later this spring.

The stroke educing Super Flash, the brightest rear tail light on the planet. Cars hate it which means I love it.

A little out of order, but Ergon will get its own space in the next day or 2. This is my demo bar, I can pull the grips off and have people try different grips or they can grab my bike this weekend and test them out for real.
A whole pile of goodies from Planet Bike just waiting to be shown.
The Spok mounted to my rear hub, I wasn't kidding when I said you could mount it anywhere.
For the really muddy stuff I got the Flipper front and rear fenders, people laugh or think its hard core to go without, but I'm to old to care what people think plus keeping mud out of my face and back is a good thing especially for 12 plus hours.
This is the Big Buddie 80 Cu. In seat pack. Now I know its large, but for a 29er tube, levers, co2 and multi-tool its Great. I was reluctant until I had my first flat, everything I needed popped out and I was on my way. They do make one in a 44 Cu. In called the Little Buddie.
The whole show case Planet Protege 5, Blaze 1/2 watt and the little Spok. I gotta shoot a picture of the whole bike, it lights up like a x-mas tree and weighs about 30lbs with all the demo gear on it.

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