Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Itialian Shoes

Ahh yes, its good to have friends, I happened to mention to one of my buddies that I was going to have to suck it up and purchase 2 pair of Sidi shoes at regular price as my wholesaler doesn't carry them. He replied "why, I have a rep that can get them for you." To which I replied, " you F*$@ing Rock!" So it is True that I only run the best as I can get every other shoe on the planet at cost, but none are as nice as the Sidi, so I was willing to put down full boat retail for what I believe are great shoes. I had a chance to slide my tootsies in a pair this summer and its a fact the Italians simply make great shoes. With the Euro being so strong against the dollar I wasn't looking forward to forking out a big wad of cash and worse I wasn't looking forward to a conversation with my wife about buying way more expensive shoes than any pair she owns,but now with his help I don't have to, but I do have to buy him a couple bottles of really nice wine.
So to all our friends out there that help us save a little and therefore save a marriage,