Monday, February 11, 2008

Get out of the Dark

Well I know this should be a blog concerning all things bike related, but in the winter it must take a turn towards skiing. Saturday I got for a nice hour skate ski followed by another hour of classic skiing. Conditions were almost perfect, temps hovering in the mid 20s made for very fast snow especially for classic skiing. With almost 3 months of solid ski time in I feel like the bike season should be a breeze. I know I have said it before, but skiing makes biking feel about as hard as walking. No kidding, I really feel bad for those folks who don't ski or snow shoe or at least get off the bike and do something else. There is nothing better than having spring roll around and feel the deep hunger to get out there and throw down a quick 100 miler just for the fun of it. I have been of the mind set were you feel like you need to spend All your time on the trainer or out riding when you can and I am here to say, forget it, because there is nothing worse than having spring roll around and feel a deep loathing towards your bike because you and it have become to close over the past winter. Now I still spend time on the trainer, just not all my time, so for all of you riding in the dark of your basement hour after mind numbing hour, please come join us while you still can, bring your sunglasses and be welcomed back into the outside.

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Jlundo said...

You don't know who I am. Another enduro freak from wisconsin, but I definitely here you about skiing. I started 3 years ago with a total of like 5 or so hours up till this year and now have both skate and classic skis. I am hooked and the benefits are endless both mind and boddy. Good luck in 08'