Thursday, January 3, 2008

Triple D Prep

To cold to ski so I have been on the PT 300 for the past 1.5 hours watching Great Climbs of the Tour, a inspirational piece of video to say the least. Then it was off to hit the weights for another half hour. Now I am contemplating the madness of competing in the Triple D 100k, its one of those things that sounds good from the comfort of the EZ boy, but seems foolish every time you step outside, oh well the check is in the mail and I have started getting the single ready for the snow assault. I am gambling that the single may be a better choice because it will run through the snow without shifting problems. I have raced in snow before and when it packs in and ices up the game is over so it will be a straight up dog fight, but I suspect the lack of gears will not be a disadvantage on this one.

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