Friday, December 21, 2007

Snow Shoeing

I've been on my skis so much I forgot how much fun it is to go for a run in snow shoes so I just slipped on my Tubbs racing asymmetric shoes and went for a 1 hour run through the park here in town. I have become accustom to the teens and twenties so the warmer temps of 35 plus made me feel like I was going to roast. The snow is still deep and really heavy so it took a lot of energy to get the feet out of the snow. I should be pretty cooked by the weekend, but hopefully I will have enough to get some more skiing in. Headed down to Iowa this weekend so I will probably be doing some xc skiing in the cornfields or maybe a little more snow shoeing then back to Madison, then up to Northern Wisconsin where I plan on getting in some x-mas morning skiing in.

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