Friday, August 24, 2007

To Many Choices

Ok I have to many options 24 Hours of Afton, 24 Hours of Boone, 24 Hour Ultra Marathon Cycling Association, 12 Hours of Stump? I have ruled out Afton as I am working until 5pm on Friday, but the rest are totally up in the air. The thing that is screwing me up is the race in Boone Iowa pays out $1000 to the winner. The 24 Hour Road UMCA race is in my hometown so that makes logistics easy plus I would really like to break the 400 mile mark in 24 hours. The best I have ever done is 380 miles so there is motivation there. I am leaving for Greece just a few days later so logistically the 12 hour is probably the smartest move not to mention its at least a couple hours closer. So yeah probably the 12 hour of Stump then Greece for a couple of weeks. This has been Lee thinking out loud.

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