Monday, July 30, 2007

24-9 National Championships

Some big guns up here, Pau-Mata/Ergon, Chris Etough-Trek, Mark Hendershot-Santa Cruz, Chris Chambers & Nat Ross-Gary Fisher.
Heat of the day starting to drag me down.
Stick a fork in me, I am done. 182 miles and a mid pack finish, tough day.
Big change in plan, I switched between the Ramble Tamble Single and the Geared Jersey Devil all day. I was within 2min lap time using either bike, so it was nice to be able to change it up when I wanted.

Race was Ok at best, never felt great, but never really felt awful. It was actually a very weird experience to be riding in this middle blah ground. I stayed even all day, but around 1 am I had to get off the bike because my stomach was turning to acid. I got back on at 3am and rode until 5am. I came in at 5am passed out for a hour then got back on my bike at 6:30am, from there to the finish I felt Great because I started putting down times close to my first laps. I haven't seen results, but I think I was mid pack with about 182 miles, that is if my math is correct, but I could be a little off because I am...well a little off today.
Now the thanks list:
Fist my wife kicked major ass, she is probably one of the best pit crews out there, one of the biggest problems is that she is an excellent cook, I mean really good, so I just wanted to sit and eat instead of ride.
Scott Cole-Specialized and his crew from Hostel. They helped cheer me on when the going got rough and made a great repair on my bike when I boogered up the rear derailleur. My mother in-law purchased her bike from these guys and still raves about them every time I see her so be sure to stop in and see them if you are anywhere near the Stevens Point, WI area.
Constantine, for parting the seas and getting us a perfect pit area.
If I missed you here I will be sure to thank you when I see you again, so thanks everybody for helping me get through another long one.

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Scott Cole said...

It was great to finally meet you. Kudos for getting back on the bike and putting in three good laps at the end of a rough 24 hours. E-mail me next time you get to Wisc Rapids and I can give you a guided tour of the Standing Rocks singletrack.