Monday, June 25, 2007

VDC Wins Bluff Lands Epic Enduro

I knew it was going to be tough when it took me 5min just to drive my car up here.
There is 1 of those damn monkeys. Had I counted all 29 I would have another set of Bontrager cranks, but I did get $5 for jumping the 2 logs on the up hill challenge.

1st SS 3rd Overall, thanks VDC, Planet Bike, Ergon! These trophies are really nice so a big thanks to whoever built them.

The Bluff Lands Epic 12 Hour was In Fact, Epic! The course was one of the best I have ridden in years. The 7 mile course had everything, rock, roots, big climbs, twisting, turning, flow riding at its best. It reminded me of riding in the Pacific North West with a shady canopy and valleys of giant ferns. I really wanted to look around, but take your eyes off the trail and you were tumbling down the ravines for a couple hundred feet. I raced the course and not my other riders which turned out to be the key. The course was very tough and ate up a lot of really good riders, I tried to keep it steady Eddie all day and it worked. I ran the Single with a 32-22 and could have gone 23 and been even a little faster in the climbs. In the end I put down 12 laps in 11hrs and 5 min. for a total of 85 miles and between 10,500 and 11,000 ft of climbing. I could have done another lap, but I had already burned completely through my rear brake and had crashed twice resulting in bent handle bars so I decided enough was enough and headed for some cold beer. Today I feel like I got beat by a baseball bat, everywhere, so maybe in a couple of days I will enjoy the win, but for now I am just getting rehabed here at the clinic for the next one. Big thanks to Robin N. for giving me gap times at the race was great to have you there. If you are within a couple hours of La Crosse get to the HPT, I promise it will be some of the most fun you will have with your clothes on or off.


EXPO Racing said...

Nice. Hey show up to Blue Mounds and maybe we could do a ERGON one-two punch...SS of course.

Grizzly Adam said...


2 VD 12 Hour SS podiums on the same weekend :)

Shoot me an email Lee, I'd love to talk shop about the issues I had during my race.