Monday, June 11, 2007

TOMRV Double Century

We had great weather this year which was a huge change from the cold rain of last year and the frying temps the year before that. The first day my buddies and I launched ourselves with full fury and fun from Iowa to Illinois to Wisconsin and then back into Iowa. Our gang consisted of 3 strong road racers and triathletes from Iowa City and 1 other cat 2 rider from here in Madison. We enjoyed bright clear skies on Saturday with 70 miles of rolling hills and a slight tail wind. The final 40 miles all large climbs made for great fun as we lined it up in 5 man echelons to descend at speeds reaching 50mph. After we got into Dubuque Iowa we rode to the nearest tavern to enjoy pints of Blue Moon and free popcorn, ahh the best recovery I could ask for. The highlight of the evening was a drawing for 2 free custom Independent Fabrication Frames. The first frame went to someone who was not there, but the next one went to a 12 year old boy who shouted out "no way" the crowd totally went nuts. We talked to the kid after the drawing and discovered that this was his 4th year doing the double century, he had just bought a $1000 Cannonade with 1/2 of his own money and his father has a collection of antique bikes, so it couldn't have gone to a better person. Sunday was tough, we started with 40 miles of death climbs and then finished with 50 miles of flat to rolling hills with a 20-30mph headwind, thank god for good friends who can take a pull. This was the big test for the Hellafaster and in short there is nothing that it can not do, it climbs like a dream, sprints great, handles like a dream, is comfortable, looks cool. I love this bike. Oh yeah tech. stuff, we did 200 miles in 11 hours with an Avg. Watt output of 170. Avg speed of 18mph. I had a max watt reading of 950 in one of our sprints and a fun output of 100%

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