Thursday, May 24, 2007

6 Hours of Gears

Just getting prepped to do the 6 hours of Gears in the Northern Kettle Moraine trail system of Wisconsin. The race is just north of Milwaukee in a town called Kewaskum. I have raced there 2 or 3 times before competing in the 12 hour event, but after last year I vowed never again. The trails are really fun and really really fast, but the laps are just to short. Last year I did the first set of laps in 18 minutes so I was doing 3 laps per hour. No matter how much you try to get past it, it's just to mind numbing, so this year I thought I would sprint it out in the 6 hour event. I will be racing the FS Jersey Devil so I can run at max for the event, my goal is to put down 17 laps, which is one more than the winner put in last year and for added fun I am going to try to do the last lap or two on my single, but we will see how the day goes no sense in getting ahead of myself. The weather looks like its about ideal for me, low 70's with just a chance of rain.
Back at you all after the race. If your racing this weekend then good luck to YOU!

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Jeff Kerkove said...

Agree on the "too short of lap" comment. I was choosing between the WEMS race and the one in Nebraska. Both are the same driving distance, but the longer course in NE calls to me.