Sunday, February 25, 2007

Team Ergon Grips are In

My Ergon grips came in last week on time just as promised, check out these mean green machines. I know they are just grips and that's what I was thinking when I was asked to give them a try, but I am sold, these things are soft, flexible and shaped to the hand unlike anything I have tried and I have tried everything. For the last couple of years I have run gel or cork road bar tape rapped around my bars to form grips. It worked well enough and quite frankly if these grips weren't as great as they are I would have sent them back and gone back to taping the bars because no way would I run anything from anyone that didn't work. For those of you that are concerned about matching green to your rig, don't worry they come in black and grey as well.

Ergon also makes a variety of other products that I will be posting shortly. Go check them out on my Links.

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