Thursday, January 11, 2007

VDS Profile is Up

I just got the notification that my VDS profile is up. I am excited to see that VDS will also be promoting the talents of Adam Lisonbee, another ultra rider for the 2007 season. I will try to get his blogspot up when I have more time. In the mean time go check us out in the athlete section.


Grizzly Adam said...

Hey Lee,

Thanks for the comment. I will link you up on the blog. I flip-flopped a bit about going HT or FS. In the end I went with the HT, but I will be anxious to see what you think about the FS.

Good luck this year, I think racing under the Van Dessel banner is going be great.

Jeff Kerkove said...

Nice dude! I got ya linked on my blog-o-fun.